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Solutions to top 5 computer problems Brisbane based businesses face every day

Computers make work and life easier. It’s always highly inconvenient to have to deal with error messages from your computer especially when you are working on critical assignments. The worst that can transpire is your computer suddenly stopping and crashing at that critical moment. This happens to be the inspiration for this article that explores common PC problems and offers viable solutions to them. If you however need some assistance for a computer repairs technician in Brisbane. Call Computer Fixperts!

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The initials sound just as mind boggling as the problem. Blue Screen of Death is a problem that many people dread and when it happens is indiscriminately inspires panic anxiety on the user. Also known as the STOP Error, this is a fairly common albeit scary computer problem. It is caused by failing hardware, corrupt software, damaged software or driver complications among many other things. The problems culminate in a system crash that turns everything on your screen blue.

The problem is resolved by rebooting the computer. However, a lasting solution is achieved by finding and fixing the primary or original cause of the problem. Your computer is nonetheless helpful enough to offer codes that will help in identification and fixing of the problem.


computer running slow

DLL file is missing

Often a problem encountered by avid gamers, missing DLL files cause a disruption of computer processes in diverse ways. DLL is short for Dynamic-Link Library a system of files that contain information about your operating system and guides it in executing various functions. DLL files go missing when the system damages them or loses them under various circumstances. You may also get errors about a corrupt DLL file.

This problem usually presents every time one tries to run a particular program or process. It, however, is resolved by finding and downloading the missing DLL files to your computer. The help of a Brisbane computer technician may be necessary to help in doing this.

Program Won’t Install

Installation of programs sometimes can turn into a nauseating and frustrating process that keeps on bringing up error messages. The causes of these problems may be varied and may include such things as lack of adequate hard drive space for installation. Some other programs fail to install due to lack of some supporting applications. Therefore to correct this problem you must first address the initial cause of the problem.  You possibly will have to delete some of the data to create space or download and install the missing support applications.

Irregular behavior of Applications

Strange behavior of the software in your computer may disrupt your tasks. Often abrupt and unexpected, such problems may cause massive time wastage in addition to culminating in unprecedented losses. The remedy of such problems depends on the causative agent which in some instances is usually a virus infection. Nevertheless troubleshooting the application often resolves the issue especially for Windows operating system.


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Abrupt Shutdown

Sometimes your computer may simply go off on its own. This is usually a glitch with the power supply to the computer or a mate of bad cable connectivity.  You only need to check the connections to determine the cause of the problem. If no problem is evident, contact a computer specialist in Brisbane.