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Let’s Rejuvenate That Old PC

Rejuvenating Old Computers

If you are always stuck with long waiting hours as your computer boots, you may already have considered getting a replacement. Impediment to performance is a leading stimulant for dumping computers and getting new ones. However, it may be erroneous of you to conclude that you need a new computer simply based on the fact that your device has become slow. Small and quick fixes may be what your computer needs to give it a new lease of life. Your computer specialist can be of great help with such issues.

Salvaging the Computer

It is commonly for folks to give up on a computer prematurely. Maybe all that the computer required was small upgrades to the hardware and software components. Last year it was found that many people dump computers after around three years. Most of these persons do this merely because they need larger hard drive space. This is a simple problem that can be solved by installing larger hard drive and RAM into your computer. Doing such a small thing may extend the life of that computer by other 3 or so years.

tired computer

Tell-Tale Signs of an Aging Computer

Most people tend to get infuriated if a computer takes long to boot. An old computer may take over five minutes to boot and launch programs. Such a computer is additionally slow in processing data. When it comes to browsing, old computers are quite a hassle since the browsing experience is nothing short of a lickity-split marked with frequent crashing of the browser.

These seemingly intolerable problems have been traced to simple problems such as hard drive fragmentation or reduced storage space. Among other things such as outdated software and missing DLL files.

Simple DIY Fixes

Though a computer specialist is invaluable in helping kick-start an old computer to better performance, you too can do some of these simple fixes that rejuvenate an old computer. You do not necessarily have to transform into a fully-fledged fixit gal or guy, and neither will you be required to arm yourself with a toolkit full of screwdrivers, grease or wrenches.

  • System cleanup- you can improve the performance of your computer by performing regular system cleanup whereby you clean browser histories, the cache and uninstall unnecessary programs  ad plugins
  • Managing start-up program- one of the causes of a slow startup is having too many startup programs. By removing unnecessary startup applications, you will effectivelyincrease the boot speed of your computer. The overall performance rate can also be boosted by managing the number of programs that are running in the background.old computer
  • Defragmentation- using your computer will with time have its tool on the hard drive of your computer and cause fragmentation. A fragmented hard disk results in a slower computer that tends to worsen with time. Regular disk defragmentation repairs your hard drive and improves the speed of the entire system
  • Update computer drivers- with age some drivers become slower while some stop working entirely. Regular updating of your drivers will thus be necessary for enhancing the performance of an old computer.
  • Increase the RAM of your computer. This may require specialist consultation if you do not know how to do it.

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